4'9" Trident Deposit Only

4'9" Trident Deposit Only

  • Full price 15,500: additional 6500 due on delivery
  • 4'9" x 25.5" x 5”  
  • Textreme and hexagonal carbon fiber vacuum layup
  • Aluminum mast available in 80, 90, or 100 cm
  • 1700 sq cm front wing with Torx stainless steel hardware
  • Anodized aluminum propeller
  • True throttle response with a linear throttle curve for precision control
  • Extra thick 8mm coiled leash that stretches to over 10'
  • Dual leash plugs
  • Router made 8mm deck pad from Seadek This pad includes key placemarks that help with proper foot placement
  • Thick padded durable handles on each side with double securing screws at each point
  • Ride time 60-90 minutes. IP67 waterproof battery case, lightweight and rugged design with power indicator lights, a power button and thermometer. The 23-pound shock proof case houses genuine Samsung cells rated beyond the necessary minimum with built in circuit protection
  • The charger is compact, lightweight, and convenient to use with three charging options. Slow charging in 8hrs for optimal extended battery life or during lunch in less than 2.5hrs or the fastest option charges within one hour
  • 24 month limited warranty

    Designed, assembled and tested in Hawaii, contact us for Kama'āina


    Full price 15500 : deposit plus 6500 due on delivery

    24 month limited warranty


    Delivery within 4 weeks -

    FedEx shipping included within USA