4'9 Trident

4'9 Trident

4'9" x  25.5" Complete electric hydrofoil board with Textreme and hex carbon fiber board layup, aluminum mast available in 75 or 85 cm, patented 1700sqcm front wing . This wing size works well for kids, elders and seasonded experts in overhead surf. Torx stainless steel hardware, anodized aluminum mil spec propeller made in the USA. True throttle response with a linear throttle curve for precision flight. Custom made extra thick 8mm coiled leash that streches to over 10' so you dont have to swim to find your board. Safer with dual leashplugs which double as a great towing feature. Our signature router made deckpad is the best in it's class, toping out at a thickness of 8mm for extreme comfort and grip. The waterproof battery case is ultra lightweight with power light indicators and a power button so you control when the terminals are hot. The rugged shock proof case houses only true Samsung cells rated beyond the necessary mininum keeping you out there longer and safer with complete built in circuit protection. The charger is compact and easy to use giving you three options . Charge slow overnight which is highly recommended for extended battery life or the fastest method on the market with an option to charge within an hour or the third option is a nice in between speed. All from one charger. Amped to get you going.


    Designed and tested in Hawaii


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