A boat story

About Us

At the helm of WEFOIL are Abraham and Donica, two surfers who’ve transitioned from their early years consulting for surf-centric businesses including hydrofoil design work to now developing the most cutting-edge electric hydrofoils on the market. Until now nothing like this existed. Using a patent pending design they’re re-inventing the way hydrofoils interact with the surface of the water.



“Built and tested in surfing’s original proving grounds, the Hawaiian Islands. WEFOIL’s electric hydrofoils are the only boards currently being made to push the crafts past ‘Segway of the sea’ into a more progressive sports arena,” said Abraham Shouse. “As a USCG registered manufacture we’re proud to offer a wide range of vessels that not only improved upon what’s currently available to the market, but also caters to advanced efoilers looking to make it into the 'formula one of efoiling’.”


Unique to WEFOIL is their commitment to safety. They are the only efoil on the market that includes leash plugs, a fire-proof, bullet-proof ip67 compartment, and extra room inside the board for local & Federal requirements such as a PFD, whistle, signaling device, and registration papers. All deliveries come with a one-on-one lesson and each undergoes thorough testing before shipment to ensure the highest quality. Wefoil is built to last and backed by a 2-year limited liability warranty.