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Little History

Wefoil traces its roots to the profound passion of Abraham and Donica, two visionary surfers whose journey is focused on dedication and vision. With extensive experience in consulting and rigorous testing for surf-centric enterprises, they've evolved into pioneers in developing state-of-the-art electric hydrofoils. Combining advanced materials such as Textreme carbon fiber and molded resin fusion technology, their efoil creations embody the perfect harmony of innovation and performance.

Efoiling since 2018


True Story

“Built and tested in surfing’s original proving grounds, the Hawaiian Islands. Wefoil’s electric hydrofoils are being pushed past all other crafts, delivering beyond a ‘Segway of the sea’ into a more progressive sports arena,” said Abraham Shouse.

“As a USCG registered manufacture we’re proud to offer a wide range of vessels that not only improved upon what’s currently available to the market for beginners, but also caters to advanced efoilers looking to make it into the 'formula one of efoiling’.”







Hand crafted in the Pacific North West

Each Board is One of One


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